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Investment Banker Fucks Sons Teacher - very hot story

My name is Nikhil Oberoi.I am 37 years of age.I am an investment banker with HSBC India,living and working in Mumbai.I am married and have a 8 yr old son(Rohan) and a 5 yr old daughter(Rhea).

My wife is Aleena Oberoi and is also an investment banker, but with ICICI.She is 35 yrs of age.Ours was a love marriage.She is from Delhi and i am from Mumbai itself.We met each other during our MBA programme at London School of Economics(LSE).We both earn handsomely and havent seen any shortage of money or anything till now.

We live in a posh society in Colaba and own 3 cars.Basically, a more than well to do lifestyle ie Upper Society.Our children study in an Upper-class,swish South Mumbai school. Now about my wife and our married life.My wife was one of the hottest females when i met her in London School of Economics.My friends use to call her Demi Moore.

Fair in complexion, 5'8 and 34-30-32 if im not wrong.Perfect boobs and an ass to die for.Something immediately struck off between us.There must have been another 50-60 guys after her, including foreigners, but i was the lucky one.Infact, i myself am blessed with highly handsome looks.I am almost 6'1.

I was a national level squash player in my 20's and represented Maharashtra.I wanted to become a professional player, but economics got the better of me.Thus, till date i have an extremely agile body and have maintained atleast 4 pack abs.We dated for around 1 and a half yrs during MBA and soon after we got married and shifted to Mumbai.

Neither of us were virgins when we started dating and it was fine with both.We had sex many times during our MBA but the real spicy stuff started after marriage.Kinky, roleplay, spanking, watching porn together,reading Cosmopolitan together, trying new sex positions every day,sex in bedroom, drawing room, kitchen, bathroom,on dining table,talking dirty,

sending dirty/naughty texts while at work,clubbing.The sex used to be very intense.Shouting, screaming,love bites and much more.We used to dicuss our fantasies, fetishes etc.I have a fetish for a woman's armpits.Shaved ie.Especially while having sex, Aleena used to be sweating, that odour was invigorating.And all this was almost 5 days a week.

Everthing was just amazing.But everything changed after we had our first child and became worse after our second one.Not that she lost her figure or something.She did became a little plump.She is now a yummy mummy and a smoking hot MILF.But i preffered the earlier body.After having children she changed to 36C from 34C(because of breast feeding).

Hers boobs are bigger now but they are sagging. After having children she completely lost interest and the urge for sex.I thought it happens with most of the women after pregnancy and that after sometime she will regain the lost interest, but i was wrong.After starting work again, she had to manage office, children, their studies, house and after all this she neither had the energy nor the time for sex.

Even though we had two full time maids, she had become really busy and this was taking a toll on our relationship.It had become very frustrating for me.I am a Leo male and a Leo male has a very high sex appetite.I wanted sex from her which she could not provide.We used to have many arguements also in this context.

Every time i was in the mood for sex, she used to be either busy with children or was too tired for it.Our daughter,Rhea further created problems.She could not sleep in the childrens' room and had to sleep with her mother only.So she used to sleep in our room and on our bed.Thus, even if i tried having sex, i had to make very less noise or else Rhea would wake up.

Many times it used to so happen that Aleena used to go to sleep with Rhea and then in the middle of the night when i could not control myself, i used to open her night gown/nighty, remove her undergarments and try to suck her tits and make love.She used to continue sleeping and it was almost like making love with a dead body.

Next morning she used to fight with me and say i dint let her sleep.We both were quite disturbed. This thing continued for next few years and our children started growing up.My son, Rohan had reached 1st Standard. Right from Nursery to Lower Kg to Higher Kg and now 1st, both Aleena and I used to attend the schools Open House/Parent Teacher Meetings.

They used to have 3 such meetings every year and we thought both the parents should attend it for the child's benefit.I tried to be as involved in Rohan's studies and school activities as Aleena.Sometimes only one of us would be able to attend depending on whose office work permitted.

Right through Nursery to Higher Kg, Rohan had teachers who were either in their 50s, semi grandmom types or those typical school teachers.Fat, stout and ugly to say the least.But those meetings concentrated on the child's studies, habits, activites etc. rather than teachers' looks.Infact i never really gave a thought to the looks of his teachers until i met his 1st Standard Class teacher.

Her name was Roshini Sahai.My goodness.As soon as we entered the classroom, i just couldnt take my eyes off her.I was shell shocked and dumbfounded to see a woman so beautiful to be a teacher.Infact she was one of the most beautiful women i had ever seen in my life.She was milky white.Not like those blonde types.But a clear smooth milky radiant complexion.

Infact for those of you'll who know the Hollywood actress Deise Richards, she looks 80% like her.A tad more fair.She was wearing a saree specially for the ocassion of Parent Teacher Meeting i suppose.A blue chiffon saree with a tight short black blouse.Her milky arms were quite prominent to everyone in the room.

She had straight smooth light broen coloured hair making her look every more sexy.Aleena, Rohan and I took our seats and were waiting for our turn to meet her.Rohan was busy playing with his friends and Aleena was busy chatting up with other Moms.I noticed some more fathers in the classroom who had also glued their eyes onto the sultry teacher.

But they were the ones with tummys and bald heads and double chins.As i mentioned earlier, because of my sports background i am still, at 37, a muscular strong Leo Male.But because of the catching age, my hair has streaks of gray.But i never dyed my hair.Infact i suppose this gray hair look projects my manliness and makes me more attractive.

An experienced lion ready to take on any lioness.Maybe thats what must have caught Roshini's eye also.After about 15 minutes of waiting it was our turn to have a tete a tete.Aleena and I greeted her and introduced ourselves.I was pleasantly surprised to hear her say to me "Hi am Roshini", and shook first Aleena's hand then mine.

Before us, all the parents were greeted with a 'Good Morning' and no hand shakes. Anyway, i really dint think too much into it and soon we started discussing Rohan's studies and his behaviour etc.She had an American accent and both, Aleena and I were surprised to hear it.My wife eventually asked her about it.

She said she was born in Mumbai but flew away to New Zealand at the age of 6.She completed her studies and graduation there itself.She said she felt that she should come back to India and give something back to this country.And as she was very fond of kids and teaching, she became a teacher.This was her first stint as a school teacher.

She was looking only at my wife and adressing her.After a minute or two i lost track of the conversation and simply drowned myself in her eyes.They were sea blue in colour, complimenting her blue saree and her perfume was driving me crazy.

I suppose she understood after a while that i was staring hopelessly at her because she made a feral noise in her throat and kind of smiled at me in a weird way and then was trying to control that smile.My wife dint really notice this as she was busy yaking about Rohan's homework etc etc etc.After around 8-10 minutes it was time for us to leave.

I was wondering how her figure and assests would be.I couldnt make out as she was sitting.Only her beautiful face was visible and as her saree was very dark in colour nothing could be seen or deciphered.Just then she asked us to wait and got up from her chair and walked to a cupboard at the far end of the class.Woooooowwwwwwwwww!!!!!

Im not exaggerating like other stories, but thats what i thought to myself as she got up.The most babelicious female i had seen.She had the right curves at the exact right places. 36-30-32. The lion inside me was raring to be unleashed and i wanted to grope her then and there.But alas, the civilized society.

She came back with her purse and gave 2 Cadbury Bournvilles to Rohan saying one was for him and one for his sister.I was wondering why she did this because she hadn't given any chocolates to any of the children before us.Anyway, we said thank you and were leaving.My wife and Rohan were ahead of me and just as we were about to exit the class, i turned and looked in her(Roshini's) direction.

She was looking at me and immediately snapped her glance.Rohan went home and Aleena and I went to our offices.I couldnt work the entire day as i was thinking about Roshini Sahai and her looking at me.I couldnt get her figure and her swaggering walk and her blue eyes out of my mind.I was becoming very horny.My 8' inch monster wanted a hole.

That evening while going home from work i bought few flavoured condoms and a 100mg sleeping pill.After dinner i put the sleeping pill in Rhea's milk without Aleena's knowledge.It was sufficient for Rhea to sleep in deep slumber till morning.And as soon as the lights were out i started my work.I grabbed my wife and smoocehed her madly fantasizing about Roshini Sahai.

As usual, Aleena was in no mood for sex and said that Rhea would wake up.I told her that she wouldnt and removed by clothes and stripped her of her nighty as well.She tried to resist and said she had to reach office early in the morning but i wasnt listening.I removed her 36C black bra and panty and flung it.I dint even realize, the bra fell on Rhea's face.

But she continued sleeping.I was thinking only about Roshini Sahai and her body.I put on a strawberry flavoured condom and got into a 69 position.Aleena was cribbing and wanted to sleep but I stuffed my cock into her mouth and at the same time was sucking out all her juices.She dint cooperate and stopped the blowjob.I had to get down to fucking.

For the next half n hour,I fucked her black and blue, squeezed her tits while sniffing her armpits thinking them to be Roshini Sahai's.I forced my tongue into her mouth and smooched her without even letting her breathe.I was unstoppable that time.I increased my pace and went deeper into her cunt.She was in pain and must have been shocked to see this form of me.

She kept saying, "Slow Slow..stop...Ouch its hurting", but the lion in me just fucked and fucked and fucked.I moaned loudly and had a massive climax which filled the condom full.I fell on her and remained there until she pushed me aside.I then washed my dick,flushed the condom,wore my clothes and went off to sleep.Aleena had already worn hers and was sleeping.

Next day i was much more relaxed but i still wanted Roshini Sahai.This was July and the next Parent Teacher Meeting would be 3 months later in October.For the next 3 months i fucked my wife many times fantasizing about Rohan's teacher.

I was using the sleeping pill for Rhea.With each fuck i was getting more desperate for Roshini Sahai. To be frank i was bored of my wife and her body and wanted new exictement and flavours in my life.Little did i know that my dream would turn into a reality.

3 months passed by and suddenly it was October.The Parent Teacher Meeting was scheduled for October 9th.I remembered the last meeting.Roshini Sahai, Rohan's smouldering teacher, had mentioned that she was only 25 yrs of age and wasnt married.The perfect age for a woman's body to be explored.I hadnt spoken anything with the teacher then.Nothing at all!!!

I was so awstruck by her beauty.This time around I wanted to strike some conversation with her.I was in my office on October 7th thinking about meeting her.If only I could meet her without the company of my wife.How wonderful would that be.I would atleast have an opportunity to try and get something to strike between us.But how could I ask Aleena not to come.

I considered this as an impossible task and just contended myself to seeing Roshini Sahai.I thought I would again end up staring at her all through the meeting and then store her image in my mind and fantasize about her while pumping my wife.I reached home from work that evening quite downbeat thinking about this.But I had a bumper news in store for me.

My wife, Aleena was busy packing her clothes when I reached home.I inquired what was she upto and came to know that she had an urgent 5 day conference in Singapore and she had to leave the next morning itself.My heart almost came in my mouth and I couldnt believe what I had just heard.

She said I would have to go to Rohan's Open House alone and also told me of some points to discuss with the teacher like his weakness in Maths etc etc.I wasnt even listening to her and was just nodding like a deaf and dumb.Within seconds my energy levels were high again and I started thinking how I could make the best use of this situation.I had to make hay while the sun was shining.

The next morning Aleena left off for Singapore and I began deciding upon the next day's plan of action.The Open House timings were from 9am to 12 noon.After much speculation I drew to the conclusion that I had to be the last parent to meet her.This would allow me to be alone in the classroom with her as there wouldnt be anymore parents waiting after.

Rohan would be busy playing outside the class.For this I decided to reach the school as late as possible ie just before 12.With this plan I hoped to achieve atleast some sort of shot.But I wasnt confident at all that she would actually give me any lift whatsoever.After all she was one hell of a babe and I guessed she would be having a boyfriend of her age.

I was 12 years older than her.But I tried to be an optimist and wanted to give a try atleast. It was 9th October.I woke up, clean shaved my face,had a bath, put on a nice,expensive Louis Philippe shirt,pant,my Tag Heuer watch,shining polished woodland shoes and DKNY mens perfume.I was all ready to meet the sensual teacher.Rohan and I left for school.

My analysis proved to be right on target(investment banker u see) when we entered the class room.There were only 2 parents before us and I was the last.I simply cannot describe the feeling when I saw Roshini Sahai on entering the class.She was again in a saree,but silk.Orange in colour this time and a similar type of short tight blouse but pink in colour.

Those same deep blue eyes and a shinny pink lip gloss made her look heavenly.As we entered the class she looked at me and gave a sweet smile.I also did the same I took my seat.I noticed that she suddenly became upright in her chair and her voice somehow became louder and exicted.Also, she was kind of rushing through the 2 mothers before me.

I thought she was getting late and thats why she was doing this and even I would have very less time to speak to her.After about 5 minutes it was my turn to go to her table.My heart beat was at an all time high.I was the last parent and nobody was there after me.Everything was going according to the plan.Rohan just wished her good morning and ran off outside the class with his friends.

I was alone in the room with her.I felt one lucky man. She said,"Hello Mr.Oberoi.Nice to see you".I also greeted her and apologised for coming so late and attributed it to some urgent office work.She said she thought that Rohan and his parents would not turn up(that meant she was waiting for us) and asked where was 'Mrs.Oberoi'.

I informed her about Aleena's sudden Singapore trip and started talking about Rohan.At first the conversation was very formal.The typical parent teacher type.I was addressing her as madam.I said, "Madam Rohan is a bit weak in Maths." She responded by assuring me that he was a bright child there was no need to worry.

She said in her half foreign accent, "Mr. Oberoi dont worry about it, I will make sure he improves." I then told her that I would prefer if she called me Nikhil instead of 'Mr. Oberoi'.To this she said she would do that only on one condition.If I called her Roshini instead of madam.We both laughed on this and slowly the conversation was opening up.

She asked me about my work and where we lived etc.I informed her that I worked in HSBC and gave her my official visiting card.She seemed to be quite impressed by my work and my designation.We continued talking and while doing so I noticed a diamond ring in her right hand.I was looking at it and wondering if she was engaged or something.

She noticed me looking at it and said, "Oh! My mother gave me this ring for goodluck when I was leaving New Zealand.Its hers".I was a bit ashamed at having been caught looking at the ring and asked her with whom was she living in Mumbai.She said that hers parents were still in New Zealand and that she was living with a female friend of hers.I was pleased to learn this.

Already around 25 minutes had passed since we started speaking and neither of us realised this.We had hardly spoken about Rohan and his studies.We could have continued further but just then Rohan entered the class and asked how much longer would it take.I said,"Come in Rohan, sit."But to my surprise Roshini told Rohan to go out and play some more.

I had no idea why she did this but I was happy anyway.It was time for me to leave.But before that I had to sign the parents attendence sheet.She gave me the sheet and was about to hand me the pen to sign it when she dropped the pen on the floor.I was about to pick it up but she said, "I'll get it".And then what happened just shook me from top to bottom.

She bent forward to pick it up without keeping a hand on her pallu.The pallu fell of her bossom and what I saw was just divine.Big 36C juicy white melons begging to come out of that tiny blouse of hers.That was by far the best bust line/cleavage I had ever witnessed in my life span.Believe me when I say that because my wife has one of the best melons.

But Roshini's were wayyy better.What further shocked me was instead of picking up the pen immediately and covering her bossom with her pallu again she was very very slow and almost reamined in that position for 5-6 seconds.It was almost on purpose I felt.Plus her blouse was an exteremely low neck one.The type that you wear in parties, not in Parent Teacher Meetings.

But at that time none of it mattered to me.I wanted to tear her tiny little blouse and suck all her milk.The lion in me was active again.I was as if I was struck by 2000V lightning.My eyes were stuck only on her cleavage and when she got up she saw me that way.I immediately realized this awkward situation and tried to change the topic asking, "Isn't it difficult for you to wear a saree everyday?"

She had a naughty smile on her sexy face and said that she wore a saree only on special school functions to look formal.With this she gave me the pen and asked my to sign.Blood was rushing through my 8'inch beast and my hands were almost shivering while signing.She noticed this and when I looked up at her her smile had further widened.

I signed and gave the sheet to her and started leaving the class.I said bye and thank you to which she smiled and replied,"Im glad you came and Thank You!'I dropped Rohan home and went to office.I coudnt do a single iota of work that day and was only thinking about those milk tankers and srewing Roshini Sahai.All this wasnt just a co-incidence.

She had given enough sings and signals for me to understand the writings on the wall. I suddenly realized that I should have asked her for her Cell number.How could I be such a fool not to ask her!!! I was cursing myself all day long for this horrendous mistake.That night I couldnt sleep one bit.I wanted a nice fuck.

If my wife would have been next to me that noght,i would have fucked her mighty hard and torn her vagina apart.The entire next day was also very frustrating.I felt like being so near yet so far from victory.I somehow tried to engange myself in work to stop myself from thinking about Roshini Sahai.I had a rough day at office that day and I returned home quite exhausted at around 8pm.

On reaching home Rohan came to me and handed over a sealed envelope and said Roshini Miss had asked him to give it to me.My veins flushed with blood again and I took the envelope and opened it alone in my bedroom.It was a note from her which said, 'Hi Nikhil, As I am new in this city, I was wondering if someone could show me around.I thought you could be a friend and a guide.

I wanted to text(sms) you on your cell but was hesitant if you or Mrs.Oberoi would mind that.Tell me what you decide.Here's my number. 9819 xxxxxx. :)Roshini.' I felt like the King of The World.I thought for a moment that I was dreaming or something.But then I realized that I had probably flattered Roshini Sahai to such an extent that she had to send me a letter this way.

I decided I had to stop acting grateful to her and become a real Leo Male.I had to further impress her and seal my position as the numero uno Lion to get into bed with her.I thought of calling her on her number but then I changed my mind.I would have seemed to desperate to her had I called or texeted her immediately.I decided to wait till the next day.

While sleeping I got a slight guilty feeling about cheating my wife and stuff.But then I thought to myself that we get only one life to live and enjoy and it was my time to enjoy.Plus it wasnt like I was divorcing Aleena or something.Just planning to have some fun.Infact had Aleena maintained the same sexual life as before I wouldnt have had to look elsewhere.

I had only 3 more days to act as my wife would be back after that. I dint call or Sms Roshini on her number the entire day and waited till evening.When I came home from work Rohan told me that she was asking him if he had given the letter to me and did I say anything. Yesss...She was getting desperate for me.I felt nice and strong as the tables had reversed.

Instead of me longing for that babe, she was hungry for me.I then decided to text(sms) her. I wrote in it. 'Hi Roshini.Sorry for replying to your letter so late.Was really busy with work.I would love to be your friend and guide and much more.UYou can call os msg me any time you want.I wont mind at all.Tomorrow night dinner at 8 at FOUR SEASONS.What say? Nikhil.'

Within minutes of my sending her this sms, she replied saying that she was fine with the dinner but she dint know how to reach FOUR SEASONS hotel and that I would have to pick her up.She gave me her address and said she'd by ready by 7.30.Next evening I came back from work at 6.30 itself.I had a bath and got ready.

I dint want to look very formal so I put on a Tommy Hilfiger jeans and an Ed Hardy T-shirt and a semi-formal blazer over it.I told the maid that I had a buisness dinner party and that I would be late.I asked her to feed to children and put them to to bed early.I then got into my car, big bad black SUV, Toyota Fortuner and went to pick up Roshini.

On the way I put some mouth spray which I always keep in my car.She was staying at Marine Lines.Before reaching her place I msgd her that il be there in 5 minutes.When I reached the building she was waiting for me in the compound.I saw her and went in a trance.This was the first time I was seeing her properly, standing right in front of me.

She was wearing a short black skirt only upto her knees.And a red sleeveless top above.She had worn big heals which made her look taller, around 5'9.But more than that it made her ass even more inviting.She looked at me, smiled and started walking towards my car. The headlights of my car were on and she was walking in front of the car right against the lights.

OH MY GOD.That walk.I could see the outline of her panties and her melons were juggling up n down as she strutted.I noticed there were 2 watchmen/security guards standing at the gate and checking her out head to toe.They were looking at her and talking to each other.For a second I felt loathsome at this sight,

but then my 8'inch beast started throbbing to the thought the fantasy of only heaven knows how many men, is going out on a dinner with me. She came and opened the door.I immediately controlled my emotions and composed myself.I told her, "Goodevening, young lady", and gave her my hand to step into the car.She gave a radiant smile and said thank you.

We drove off and were on our way to FOUR SEASONS hotel.I had already booked a table for 2 there.On the way I complimented her and said she was looking fabulous.She said I myself wasnt looking no less.We were flirting right from the word go.She seemed to be mighty impressed by my SUV and said I had a great taste.

We reached FOUR SEASONS hotel, and she was taken aback by the entire place.Probably she dint know about this 7 Star World Famous hotel as she was new in the city.We went to the roof top restaurant for dinner and took our seats.The setting was perfect.Dim lighting, cool breeze, entire view of this megacity and Romantic Billy Joel music in the background.

I ordered for a Whiskey.She said she would have Red Wine.For the next one and a half hours we ate and drank and spoke at length.In between the talks I adked her about her relationships and why she was single despite being such stunning looks.She said she had an Australian boyfriend in New Zealand whom she was seeing since four years.

But things had become sour between them and she broke up last year.It was then I came to know that she had come to India to stay away from her past.Our converstations were becoming more frank with each passing sentence.She asked me about my marriage and my wife, if it was arranged or what.

I told her about our love marriage and everything and also have her a hint about my dissatisfaction with Aleena. I dint say anything about our sex life etc but just said that Aleena had changed over the years.To this she said, "Nikhil, Aleena is very lucky to have you as her husband."I just smiled back at her to this and understood what she meant.

All through the dinner when she bent a little to eat or to get her purse which was kept on the floor, I could see her cleavage.White, milky, yummy.We had our dinner and ordered some desert.She had ordered hot melted chocolate with whisked cream.While having it, she let some melted chocolate drip from her glossy lips and waited for me to tell her about this.

When I told her, "Theres some chocolate on her face" she slowly took out her tongue and rolled it around her lips and said in a low husky voice,"I love chocolate flavour".I was shocked again.I couldnt think of anything to say and just smiled.She finished eating and excused me to go to the the washroom.Meanwhile I paid the bill which was in excess of 10,000.

She returned and asked me about the bill to which I told her that I had paid and she needn't pay.She smiled and said, "So this means im out on a date with you." With each sentence she was shocking me and I just said it was my pleasure to take her out.I realized she had also sprayed some sweet smelling mouth spray in the washroom.

I thought to myself that if lady luck was on my side I would atleat get a small kiss from her tonight.I asked her to wait in the hotel compund and myself went to take my car from car park.In the car, I again sprayed freshner in my mouth and also sprayed some HUGO BOSS perfume in the car.

I was desperate to get a small kiss from her before I left her home. But I was totally wrong.This seductive babe had much more in store for me than I ever imagined.Lady luck was definately with me!!!

As I drove towards Roshini, who was waiting in the hotel compound, I suddenly became apprehensive.It can happen to anybody.I thought what if all of this was just plain co-incidence (her pallu falling etc) and if Roshini was truly considering me only as a friend.What if I approach her for a kiss or something and she doesnt like it.

She was my son's teacher afterall and I was married!!! I picked her up from the lobby and started driving.I thought I would first drop her, then go home.It was 10.30 pm and the roads were pretty much empty.Suddenly things had gone quiet between us.Neither was I speaking nor was she saying.There was soft Kenny G saxophone playing in the back in my car.

I stopped my car at a signal which was pretty deserted.Only a car to my left and one behind.The windows of my car had dark blue coloured tinted glasses which were difficult to see thru.My left hand was on the gear and right one on the steering.I was waiting for the signal to become green.Just then I felt a hand on my left hand(gear).Roshini had placed hers on it.

It was soo cold and soft like gentle silk.I was surprised by this sudden move of hers.She looked me in the eye and picked up my hand.i had no idea what was she doing.She had 5 buttons on her top near her bossom area.She opened 3 of them with her right hand and guided my left hand to her bossom area.In one stoke she inserted my hand into her top.

Oh god...It was so very soft.Even though her bra was in between I could feel the huge size of her tits.I was in utter shock.Instead of the traffic signal giving a green signal, Roshini Sahai had given hers.I was motionless staring in her blue eyes.She then smiled and said, "show me paradise".By then the traffic signal had also become green and the car behind started honking.

I snaaped my hand from within her top(i wanted to keep it there for eternity).I put the fifth gear and drove away.But a place was needed to show her paradise.I couldnt take her to my house.The maids were there.I asked her if her place was empty.But she said two other friends of her were there and she dint want them to know about us.I started to run my MBA mind.

Where could we go.Fast! Suddenly the epiphany struck me.My office was just 10 mins away. And it 10.40 in the night not a single bird would be there.I zoomed to my office building. Both the engines, the cars as well as mine were roaring.I asked Roshini to jump backseat and cower down and hide herslf.The office building had 3 basement parking levels.

I thought that to be much safer than going inside my office cabin.I stopped my car at the gate at honked.The gate was closed and a security gaurd who was fast asleep woke up and came doddering to me still half asleep.He knew my face and knew a was a 'bada saab' in office. I lowered the glass and told him I had urgent work in office and oredered him to open the parking gates.

He immediately opened them and switched on the parking lights.I then called him and gave him a Rs.500 note and told him that I was doing some confidential and secret work and that after I enter the parking, he should switch off the entire lights and lock the parking.Also, nobody should come to know about this visit of mine.He said he hadnt seen anything and asked me to carry on.

I entered the parking.He switched off the lights and it became pitch dark.I waited for Roshini to say something and asked her if she was fine.She dint reply.I kept driving to the 3rd basement level. I thought she was feeling scared or something and was abt to turn behind, when she suddenly put her hands from behind my seat and pressed my cock.

I almost dashed into the wall but somehow kept control.She laughed but continued to stiffen my lion.I drove to the farthest end of the last parking level.I stopped, switched of the headlights, switched on the lights inside the car,kept the AC on and stepped out.i opened th back door and asked Roshini to stepout.I then opened my foldable backseat, which almost became a bed.

We both hopped in and closed the doors.She said,"Im right glad u have such a spacious car."I thought it was not time for me to realize my 3month old dream and start buisness.I was below her and she was sittng on top of me.She removed her big heels and i, my shoes.She removed my coat, then my shirt and started unbuttoning my jeans.Next I found myself only in my jockey.

She unbuttoned her top and skirt and removed it.MY MY My.My goodness.Those juicy melons. Begging to come out of her red transparent bra.Milky white just like hollywood beauties. She leaned forward and I felt those tankers on my manly chest.OOOhhhh. She bent further and before I knew, we were kissing.Best kiss of my life.

Her sweet saliva mixed with lip gloss mingled with mine.Ours tongue were battling each other. Just pure pleasure.We kissed for almost 3 minutes making the trademark kissing sounds.She then stopped and whispered in my ear,"open my hook". I slowly took my hand behind her back and unhooked her bra. She became upright and removed it and flung it in the front.

Oh boyyyyyy o boyyy.Clear pink nipples.Perfect in colour and perfext in shape.My wife had big nipples and were light brown.Roshin's were beautiful.I got up, caught her ass, pressed it and took her right nipp in my mouth.Mmmmmm...i still can taste it while writing.Her perfumed body was sooo delicious to taste.For the next 3-4 minutes I concentrated only on her tits like a new born.

She bent behind & lifted her arms.Wowwww.Gr88888.Clean shave, white armpits with the most awesome sweet smelling sweat.I bent forwad and kissed her in her right armpit.She giggled and slapped me on my bare chest and said, "U dogg."She then removed her panties and put it on the seat.I picked them up and sniffed them.Hmmmmm.Lovely aroma.

She slapped me softly and said,"Dirty boy,start the fuck."It was fucking time.But it struck me, I had no condoms with me.I told her.She smiled and took her purse and removed one.She had come prepared.It read, Moods, chocolate flavour.She laughed and said, "I told u I love chcolate". She put the condom on m 8'inch monster and gave me a blowjob to die for.

Up, down,Up down, on the balls also.Before I could cum, she stopped.She got up and sat on my cock. She started riding me.As she was riding me, I just realized that I was acting strange. I mean instead of me commanding the ship, she was the Captain.I was not fucking her, she was riding me. Even though my 8'inch was almost 90degrees, my lion was hiding somewhere.

I was not enjoying as much as her.She was in a trance with her hair open and her hands on her head, mouning away handsomely.I then realized that I was in a sort of shock.Just imagine, u fancifully wish for something and dont even expect ot get it and suddenly you find yourself with taht.It takes time to realize and get stock of the situation.That was my problem.

But before I could rectify it,Roshini came with a thundering juciy orgasm.She shivered and was on top of me. She was done.Even I had released qiute some sperms in the condom and before I could hold her again she kissed me, and got up and opened the door.Even I got up.I saw my poor steeing covered my Roshini's bra. I stepped out.Roshini was standing naked in the dark.

I still wanted to fuck her but she was done.Also it was almost 12o'clock and I thought we shld better leave.We wore our clothes,cleaned the seat and sped away from there.Roshini was very tired and sleepy after this.I dropped her home and went back to my place.I disposed the condom, had a bath and lied down to sleep.

Before sleepng, I msgd to Roshini, 'Was great...missing u already.Wanna meet u soon.Love'.I wanted to meet her again and fuck her nicely this time.My way. Next morning I woke up late expecting to see her msg.But there was none.To my shock the entire day, she neither called nor msgd.I called her 5 times thru the day from work and msgd her thrice.No response.

I was getting upset.In the night, at around 10pm, she msgd, 'So sorry baby, was very busy in school today,exams starting next week.Wil be busy the entire week setting papers.Cant meet now.Wil msg latr.'I was annoyed but I told her it was ok and I would wait for her msg.Next morning my wife came back.She was looking pretty hot.

She had had a nice sexy haircut(bobcut).It was one hell of a 4 days that she had been away. For the next entire week, Roshini dint meet me,though we were msging each othr,like, 'How r u?''Whats up,whats happening''Hows work' etc etc.I was getting hornier by the day and wanted to fuck Roshini bad.I thought of making love to my wife till that time but decided to conserve.

It paid off.On Thursday evening, Roshini msgd me,'Let meet up,i want u, ur my slave im ur owner.Ur my dog, im ur master.Thank me for letting u have me last time.I wanna meet u again'.Even though I was happy and excited to c thid msg, I was damn cheesed off.I realized she was having a big attitude.As if I got her in lottery or something.

Now I was damn annoyed and wanted to show her my real wild Leo Lion.I told her that we shld meet tomorrow, ie Friday.She asked where.I thought of a plan.I told her im bookin a room in JW Marriot hotel, which was on the other side of the city.She said she had an all teachers fucntion and that she wld get late while comin.

I said it wasnt a problem and that even wld come late frm work.I booked a room in the Hotel thru the net for Friday night and msgd her the room number.She said she wld come directly from the school fuction by a taxi by 9pm.I asked her to get a pair of clothe with hear for the next day.The plan was made.

Now, next morning, I told my wife that wld be flying to Delhi(i used to go very often for official work) in the evening directly from work.She said fine and we left for our offices.I had also kept a pair of clothes with me.At around 7 pm I left office and headed for Marriot by a taxi(i had not taken my car).I had chosen Marriot specifically bcoz it was very far from my house.

I reached there by 9 and checked into the room.I msgd Roshini and she said she was caught in traffic and would take another hour, till 10pm.I got into action.I went to the reception and told them that my guest, Roshini Sahai wld be coming.I asked them to give her the room key and inform her that I was in the restaurant.They complied with my request.

But I had actually left my room door open and ran back to my room.I had a plan for her. I switched off all the lights closed the room and was ready for the lion was back and today I wanted this bitch to meet him.I removed all my clothes.Everything. Stark naked and was hiding behind the closet door.

After around 10 minutes,i heard the door cranking.She was entering.I hid myself further.I was feeling very cold as the AC was on in full blast.Roshini opened the door and entered.The lights were on.Hell o Hell.....All the cold just disappeared in a second.She was in a saree (school fuction). Orange and yellow chifon with an orange colour blouse.

As she passed the close I got a side view of her boobs.OH shit.Mi dick almost burst.I could see the lining of her black bra in her blouse.She went ahead and kept her purse on the bed.She was facing the other side.She was very golden colured high sexy heals.Her perfume had filled the room.She stood as if she was tired and took a deep breath.

She then folded her open hair into a bun and removed her cellphone.I came out and slowly without making any noise walked towards her, without her seeing me.She had no clue I was behinfd her fully naked with an erect 8'inch jumbo.(It was almost the scene from Sliver). I went behind her and with my full force grabbed her boobs.OHhhhhhhhhhhhhh........Heaven.

Her ass pressed to my erect lion and she screamed loudly.I tightened my grip and told her in her ear its me, dont worry.She laughed and said she got scared and thought that I would now realize her.But I kissed her on her open neck and saw her two milk tankers from behind her, jutting out of her thin blouse.

She said, "Now leave" but I whispered in her ear,"Last time was paradise, this time its hell."I caught her blouse and tore it completely.She had no idea what was happening and was shocked.I turned her and tore her black bra also.The lion in me was out and roaring.Her half torn ornage blouse and black bra were still on her body.I removed them in one go and lifted her up.

I threw her on the soft bouncy bed and from behind her pulled down her saree and petticoat. Dint remove her heels.I climed on the bed and thrust my condomless cock into her mouth.I told her I dont like any flavours and was fuckimg her in her mouth.I had caught her hair which had opened from the bun and was pulling her face forward backward.

She was now meeting my lion.Before I could climax, stopped her and turned her into a doggie position.I applied little spit on her cunt and thrust my cock straight in.Instead of starting slow then fast, I start fast itself.She started screaming and was in pain.I caught her by her hair and I her to look straight.There was a big mirror on the front wall.

She saw us with her big tis hanging downwards and me pumping her like mad.She was starting to enjoy.I increased my pace and slapped her on her ass hard.I shouted and I told her to shout, 'i am ur slut'. She said somehting very softly and smacked her again.This time she shouted, "I am ur slut".I told her to shout 'i am ur whore'.She obeyed.Then 'U own me'.

She shouted,"Yes baby, u own me, im ur bitch.FUCK ME HARD...OOOHHHHH YES.YES.YES.YEAH.AHHH."She was now enjoyin being my whore.Unlike that day, today I was in command and I liked it.I fucked her forever...I squeased her tankers and bit her nipples and sucked out all her juices and fucked her mouth.

I bit her nipples so hard she was screaming in pain.We fuck for almost an hour.We were totally drenched in sweat, even at 16degrees in the room.And then I had by far the biggest and best climax of my life.I splashed all the litres all my milky sperms on her milk tankers.For 15 seconds it just kept oozing out and out.I had already made her orgasm around 3 times.

I forced her to rub my cum all over her tits.I collapsed on the bed.It was totally wet by our sweat.The room was now smelling of sperm and sweat and her cuunt juices.We lay the for 15 minutes regaining our breath and energies.It was over ATLAST.She looked at me and said, this was the best fuck of my life.She climbed over me and started kissing me.

I told her to stop and said I dont have energy even for this and was damn hungry for food. We started laughing and hugged each other.We had a bath and ordered lots of yummy chinese food to our room.We ate while watching FTV and then slept.Next morning we had a quickie while having bath and then left.I went to office and she went home.

I called up my wife and told her that I was back from Delhi.Minutes later, Roshini msgd me, "Missing u already.Hungry for more."The tables had reveresed again.Last time, after sex I had msgd, ' Was great...missing u already.Wanna meet u soon.'This time it was her.She was totally under my spell and my control.It now been over a year since our affair.

We meet once or twice or sometimes thrice a week for fuck sessions.My wife doesnt know.I satisfy her also once a month something.Roshini is now 26.I asked her about her marriage plans.She says nothing till 32-33.Shes been brought up in New Zealand and is not like a typical Indian girl looking to get married.

Infact she says she just wants to continue like this and might not even marry.Good for me.I give her gifts(gave her a diamond, last month), we watch movies, have fun, have violent sex surprises, I buy her lingerie every month.

I am keeping happy everyone.Wife,kids and Roshini, my whore.I am perhaps the happiest of all. God hasnt given us, the Male Population, cocks to hang clothes on it.It is meant for use.I am a proud leo male with a strong libodo making the best use of it. Cheers!!!


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